Hiroshi Kato | "The Stamp" Organic Cotton Crew Neck
Hiroshi Kato | "The Stamp" Organic Cotton Crew Neck
Hiroshi Kato | "The Stamp" Organic Cotton Crew Neck
Hiroshi Kato

Hiroshi Kato | "The Stamp" Organic Cotton Crew Neck

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Classic, Never Old Fashion. 

The tee-shirt has been a staple in American style since the 50’s. We knew If we were going to make a tee, we had to make something special. Introducing, “The Stamp” Tee, our distinct take on the classic.  

The Fabric
“The Stamp” Tee is made from 100% Organic Cotton. The 10oz fabric is woven using an extra thick #10 yarn, which gives this fabric a subtle slubby texture and sets it apart from your average run-of-the-mill tee's. The thickness of the tee gives it a more substantial feeling when worn, without being overly heavy. We utilized a looser weave to enhance the comfort and breathability.

The Cut
The cut has been influenced by vintage tees with a shorter length and roomier fit. At the same time, we did not want to make a boxy tee. After careful development we found the sweet spot between the vintage boxy cut found in old tee-shirts from the 50’s, and the modern long and slim cuts prevalent today. “The Stamp” Tee is slightly cropped so it sits at a perfect length when worn untucked. Pre-shrunk, you can expect a maximum of 3% shrinkage with washing and drying.

We used our signature Kato Brand orange stitch on the care tag, a subtle detail to be discovered by wandering eyes. Another detail that elevates this from other standard tee shirts is the reinforced collar, which will not stretch out or sag with use. 

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